Voxels of Fun, Million Blocks of Em’

Coming Soon…

The Most Contagiously FUN Party Game Ever!

Groove to the beat and step up your game cause’ it’s time to party like never before in Voxel Land! Customize your avatar right down to its sound effects and jump into any of these hilariously fun mini-games.

Cheap shot your way to victory or work together as a team. Pick your choice!

Game Features

Immerse Yourself in Voxel Land!

Customizable Maps

Spend countless hours of fun creating the play area of your dreams in the Map Editor

Generate Your Avatar

Randomize the generation of your avatar and record silly sound effects for them to create truly ridiculous combinations!

Great at Parties

Get set to have a hilariously fun time breaking ice and putting your friendships to the test with these whacky multiplayer mini-games!


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